just write an outline

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PLEASE FOLLW THE REQUIREMENT TO WRITE AN DETAILED OUTLINE.THE ONLINE IS FOR persuasive essay about technology. u don t need to write about the persuasive. u just give the detailed outline about the essay.

Here are some questions that may help you with your PAs:

Conjecture: what are the facts?

Definition: what does/could this mean?

Quality: good/bad, how serious, extent?

Policy: plan of action, solution?

With Toulmin’s method, you may want a structure like this:

Claim +Reason 1 Warrant (assumption) Backing (support for warrant)

Grounds 1 (support for reason 1)

Grounds 2 (support for reason 1)

Reason 2…

With this, you could present your side first and then the other side and your refutation. The Greeks formulated this pattern:

1. Introduction

2. Body


Position statement

Reason/evidence 1

Reason/evidence 2…

3. Opposition

4. Refutation

5. Conclusion

While there are many ways you can organize your thoughts, here’s a reductive two:

Present your side, then “turn” to the opposition and refute them (Classic structure above)

Present the opposition first, then show how that thinking is wrong (or limited) and then move into what you believe and why

I hope these overall patterns help you organize your thoughts.


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