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From Chasteen’s Born in Blood and Fire, answer the following: From Ch. 2, “Encounter: ”

1) Describe and characterize the various indigenous societies of the Americas. Discuss and give examples of Non-sedentary peoples (nomadic); Semi-sedentary peoples; and Fully sedentary peoples. How did their ways of life affect the Encounter with Europeans and create the current diversity in national populations? Show complexity. (At least four sentences.)

2) Compare the colonization of Brazil and Mexico and discuss the larger imperial projects of Portugal and Spain (4 sentences)

3) Discuss how and why Africans come to play an important part in the colonization of the Americas. (4 or 5 sentences)

4) Discuss/describe how it was possible for relatively small Spanish and Portuguese contingents to conquer, colonize and lay effective claim to American empires in the 1500s. (4 or 5 sentences)

5) How were Spanish America and Brazil organized in economic terms? Describe and compare the parts played by silver in Spanish America and sugar in Brazil. Provide specific details (5 to 6 sentences)

6) a) What does the term “hegemony” mean in the study of colonial Latin America? Discuss it in relation to the caste system and that chart we handed out “Ethnic Hierarchy from the Spanish point of View” (also in Canvas). Give specific examples. (4 or 5 sentences)

  1. b) discuss hegemony also in terms of Give an example

7) What is transculturation? Give some examples. Describe its importance as a concept in the history of all of the Americas.

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