John brown asignment

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Instructions: In this content page, you have 6 steps to complete that involve a video, readings, and a short assignment. This content page is about one of my favorite people in history: John Brown. Such an ordinary name for such an extraordinary person! His historical context is the prelude to the American Civil War. In fact, many historians attribute John Brown as the spark that ignites the conflagration of Civil War. In his own life–as well as in his historical legacy–he has been lauded as a Martyr in the tradition of Jesus by some and condemned as a terrorist by others. Enjoy learning about this fascinating man.

Step 1: Watch the Following Introduction to the History of John Brown. Also, feel free to take it upon yourself to watch Ken Burn’s entire Civil War documentary (The whole documentary is not a requirement). It is incredibly well done (one of my favorite historical documentaries). You can find it on Netflix.

Step 2: After Watching the above Video, Read James Loewen’s Chapter (secondary Source) on John Brown. You do not have to read the section on Abraham Lincoln, so when he starts talking about Lincoln, feel free to stop.

Loewen John Brown

Step 3: After reading Loewen’s analysis of Brown’s treatment in history books, read Henry David Thoreau’s (primary source) analysis of John Brown:

Thoreau, A Plea for Captain John Brown

Step 4: Write (250 words) about a moment in your life where you were a bystander as an injustice happened right in front of you. Or a moment in your life where you did something “wrong” to intervene for the sake of justice. Just tell me the story of what happened, what were the consequences, and how it made you feel. Save this and keep it for the next step.

Step 5: Think about the injustices you see in society today. Which injustice do you perceive as especially heneous? With that injustice in mind, create a work of art that expresses your “image” or “vision” of John Brown, the meaning of his legacy, and how it impacts your relationship to the injustice you selected. Your atwork can be a cartoon, a drawing/painting, a collage, a poem, or any other art form. Your atwork should make explicit references to what you have learned about John Brown and connect it to a current issue in contemporary society. You will not be graded on the aesthetic value of the artwork, but on the quality of the intellectual and emotional connections you make. Make those connections in roughly 250 words.

Step 6: Embed your artwork and 250 word connection (step 5) with your 250 word

PS, try to use a simple examples specially when it comes to the personal story part, try to use majority situat

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