​Its a question on Global finance. It is a question on exchange rate analysis. I have attached the excel sheet.

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I Have attached the excel sheet. It is 6 questions.

This sheet contains monthly exchange rate.
Value of each currency is quoted in USD
1. Which currency has the highest average percentage change (in absolute term)
For each currency, you calculate percentage change for each month
Then get the average percentage change
Use absolute value of the average above.
This absolute average shows you how exchange rate changes regradless of direction (up/down)
2. Which currency has the highest standard deviation of percentage change (not in absolute term)
3. On 2010-01-01, your company has:
CAD 1,000,000
JPY 100,000,000
MXN 5,000,000
THB 100,000,000
How much all these 4 positions worth in USD
4. If your company hold these 4 positions until 2011-01-01
How much all these 4 positions worth in USD
5. If your company holds these 4 positions for the whole period we analyze (2010/01/01-2013/02/01),
Which month the total USD value of these 4 positions is highest.
put your answer in format yyyymm (201101)
Q6 Each year, create a table for average monthly percentage for each currency
Which currency has all 4 average number greater than -0.01%?

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