It is a difficult task to defend environmental issues with today s economic status quo sociology homework help

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Try to attempt to take the conversation further by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target and try to analyze things in as much detail as you can. 100 words or more.

It is a difficult task to defend environmental issues with today’s economic status quo. To decrease the destruction of natural resources calls for big companies to reduce production, which in turn means a loss of revenue. Using the utilitarian theory of ethics, the greater good for the greater number of people would be to use the environmental resources because it results with the most utility for the human race. This does not take into consideration the rights of plants or animals, and therefore the action is moral. With deontology, the act in itself is not immoral because the companies are doing as they wish with “their property”. Virtue ethics however, views the environmental issue in a different light.

In the article Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments, Thomas E. Hill, Jr. changes the terminology of natural resources to natural environment. This adjustment of terms is a small, yet effective attempt to give plant life a distinct view from how we are accustomed to see them. That is the main point of Hill’s article, looking at nature and plant life in a different perspective.

In numerous occasions throughout the paper, Hill asks “what sort of person would do a thing like that?”. That question is the very foundation of virtue ethics. Mosser (2013) defines Virtue ethics as “an approach to moral and ethical questions that focuses on a person’s character” (p. 183). In virtue ethics, Aristotle claims that individuals have to find the model balance to find happiness, and therefore to be virtuous (Aristotle, 1931). The golden mean is ideal for defense of the natural environment. According to the golden mean, deficiency in the use of natural resources will result in lack of commodities, whereas the excess abuse results in the loss of beauty and future necessary means.

Hill makes a point to portray both sides of the argument by defending nature, then presenting the opposing view. The conclusion seems to be appreciation and awareness. Hill (1983) states in his essay that “increased understanding of nature tends to heighten people’s concern for its preservation” (p. 12). Looking at nature from a cosmic perspective leads to a greater sympathetic gratitude towards all living things. There is not much that solo individuals can do to stop the economic machine from destruction, but collectively, global boycotts can raise awareness against the needless waste of our natural environment. An individual can only feel weak-willed in doing so if they value more the commodity from nature than nature itself.


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