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Please respond in one and half to two paragraphs to the example given below of what this term means in terms of IT infrastructure – Reliability and why it is so important to a solid architecture to support information systems. Be sure that the your response is in your own words and what you think about IT Infrastructure – Reliability and your understanding of this example.

Reliability is described as “the ability of a system to continue operating in the expected way over time. Reliability is measured as the probability that a system will not fail and that it will perform its intended function for a specified time interval” (chapter 16: Quality attributes)

When considering making a purchase, upgrades or when making any big changes; reliability plays a big factor when making these decisions. Chances are that whatever you buy will be what you will be using in the next couple years; therefore, you don’t want to purchase anything that’s unreliable and requires expensive repairs very often.

Reliability has a big influence on the IT infrastructure: The system has to be able to identify any failures or any crashes, and have a strategy to compensate the fault; it has to be able to have reliable external system, communication and transaction to operate.

Reliability is a key and critical piece for the success of a company, having downtime and low performance of applications, directly affect revenue, customer loyalty and retention.

A great example of a reliable company is Apple. The company manufactures some of the best performing computers, cellphones and tablets out there. They have consistently stayed reliable compared to other manufactures out there.


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