Intro to Entrepreneurship: M6. Case Study – Honest Tea

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M6. Case Study – Honest Tea

This assignment asks you to complete the case study on “Honest Tea” from the text (see case on page 477, at end of Chapter 14). In completing this assignment, you are asked to answer the following questions, found on page482 of the text under Case Study Analysis: U5-1 through U5-7.

In preparing a case, it is recommended that your first reading/viewing be a relatively quick one. Read the case and watch the video once, and make some notes: Who and what are involved here? What seems to be the major questions or issues?

Then, take a second and more thorough reading of the case, testing your preliminary conclusions from the first reading concerning the major problems and key players.

Next, begin sifting through the facts in the case and sorting them out in terms that are useful to you in analyzing and resolving the major issues. Keep in mind that case facts are presented in a more orderly fashion than they tend to be in the real world, but you should not assume that they are all equally useful, or that they are properly and fully related as presented in the case.

Finally, write a clear, concise, and thorough report of your analysis and recommendations. Each case analysis is a minimum of two pages and a maximum of three pages in length (not including the cover page, any abstract, and references) and professional in appearance. Case study assignments should be in APA format.

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