intervew analysis

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Actually I did an interview and I get in the assignment 10 out of 20. he said I did not follow the instruction carefully.

The aquestion was

(will write a question based on the subject’s “living with,” or “coping with” the

phenomenon under research, and spend several hours (over a 3-day period) interviewing this

person to attempt to make sense of how and why that person is able to live with, cope with these conditions in his or her life. You should tape the interviews and transcribe and code the

discussions. Ask your question repeatedly, saying…”Yesterday you said . . . about your ability

to live with or cope with . . . how do you reflect on that today?

At the end of these sessions and by reading relevant materials on the phenomenological

approach, how were you able to bracket your own feelings, biases, beliefs about the issue? How did you decide to structure the write up for this interview? What were the consistencies and inconsistencies of the stories told to you? How did you keep up with the dialogue without asking

leading questions? How did you code these transcriptions? Use the Merriam chapters as a guide

to your own study.

Write 4-5 pages and include your transcribed discussions in an appendix.

So I did the interview but work poorly on the .

I thought he just need the of course. he need use quotation and make themes and analysis it as in attached appendix.

  • My professor said (you have provided the interview transcript only. Remember the sandwich analogy? Present it in categories and make a “sandwich” of each category of by a) saying what it is in your own words, b) substantiating with a quote, and c) further explaining with the context, etc. to make the meaning clear.

See examples in your book: pp. 388-401. See how the information is presented in three categories.

what i need to made theme and disc ussion as a book. use quotation from the interview and write it as a book

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