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the frequency and severity of recent crises raise doubts about the system of crisis management now in place, and the incentives for private actions that it encourages and sustains. Experts say the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has given too little attention to improving financial structures in developing countries and too much to expensive rescue operations. Its system of short-term crises management is too costly, its response too slow, its advice often seen incorrect to lending and repayment, and its efforts to influence policy and practice too intrusive.

Research a country that the IMF bailed out and discuss how the IMF impacted this country. 

1.  Discuss the Factors

2. Discuss the Intervention

3. Discuss the consequences

Also research about the debt crisis or exchange rate crisis.

must be 5-6 full pages in APA format with 4 minimum references in APA style. In text citation must be included.

the country selected is Jamaica

no Wikipedia Blogs with ads from yahoo search engine,; or sites that challenge as they present a biased opinion

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