Intercultural Experience Report

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Your report should adhere to the following:

  1. Social Problem Case Study Analysis. You will select a specific social problem from “real life” and apply several course concepts through which you will analyze and explain that problem. Research for this option should contextualize the historical and political background of the social problem as well as increase your knowledge about the chosen course concepts. Further, you will also use the course concepts to make recommendations, based on course readings, about what type of communication intervention you would design to alleviate, resolve, or nuance our understandings of this social problem. Questions to consider: What is the social problem? What cultural group or speech community is affected by this social problem? How does power and context play a role in this social problem? This is a research assignment and thus, you should aim for four (4) academic sources to supplement our course readings. In other words, you need four (4) academic sources in addition to our readings and textbook.
  • 4-5 double spaced pages formatted in Times New Roman, 12 pt font
  • a References page with APA, MLA, or Chicago citations (please choose only one format and stay consistent throughout your paper)
  • an Introduction section that provides a description of your topic, the questions you will answer in the paper, the focus of the paper, and a preview of the rest of the paper
  • a body that includes a discussion of the question that have been detailed under each option, a discussion of the articles related to your topic, and how those articles contribute to your understanding of the topic. You will do this by quoting from the scholarly texts you use
  • a conclusion that summarizes your research, what you learned about culture, and why you think this topic is important to the study of intercultural communication
  • five course concepts, at minimum, must be used throughout your paper. Each concept should be defined and applied correctly in your essay

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