Intercultural Communication Lessons and American Culture of online education

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Discussion 14

Using Something New as your artifact, choose three course concepts in this week’s reading that are explored in the film. How does the film navigate issues of identity and prejudice? Does the fight that Kenya and Brian have in the grocery store feel genuine to you? Why or why not? What lessons does the film provide towards our understanding of intercultural communication?

Discussion 15

How do you think the book’s discussion of American culture pertains to Online education? Online education still receives much criticism and ridicule. Do you feel that is because of our cultural orientation toward certainty, or is it because of lack of ‘face time’? How do U.S. cultural perceptions and interpretations affect the status of Online education?

Discussion 16

Think about a recent conflict situation in which you participated (e.g., an argument with your significant other, your parents, or a stranger). What communication strategies did you use to give, maintain, or save face?

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