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I need a response to the following statement with a citation and reference. 200 – 250 words:

I have to agree with the first part of the questions. In the past I read some literature’s that sounded like a book report more than an instructive and interesting articles. I have to say I lost my interest the first five minutes after I started reading. I believe a synthesis paper is like a good movie. If the story is dragging, I stop watching the movie. Synthesis differ from summarizing. According to D’Urso (2016) synthesis is a way to integrate many articles together, so that everything flows. This question is similar to the one I had posted in the group forum when I wanted a clarification on the first assignment. My understanding of the assignment was to integrate all of the findings from each of the articles together so that they could help answer my gap. Then, once I check all the assignments for this class, I realized that this type of assignment was actually the following one. In a synthesis paper you can compare, compare and contrast your research to deepen your study. D’Urso (2016) mentioned some helpful strategies to synthesize literatures. Summary, to my understanding, is like the annotated bibliography or the literature review assignment we will have to submit at the end of this class. Summary is highlighting the main point for each single article by itself, and citations are important. In other to properly synthesize a paper, I believe it is necessary to read each article individually and summarize the key point. By doing so, synthesizing the research becomes easier.

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