Innovative Marketing approaches for a Home Health Agency in trouble.

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Please write a scholarly essay with APA format, describing 10 different marketing approaches to a home healthcare agency that is in trouble.

This is for a business owner who has had an established home health agency, but is not able to get many referrals, clients, or workers. The business owner would like to know 10 new marketing styles that will allow her business to catch the attention of both young and older individuals. The home health agency is a skilled and non-skilled organizations, that is looking to attract the eye of physicians so they write them referrals, nurses and nursing aides for staffing, and as many people as possible to be able to expand.

Please provide at least 5 references in this scholarly essay, and please provide evidence of why these marketing styles should work for a struggling company. Please ensure to use as many diverse marketing styles as possible including old,new, radical, and exploratory.

Each proposed marketing style should have its own section in the paper.

The paper is due by 1/31/17 at 0800AM

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