Industry basic coding exam: Discuss in detail your plans to become certified, AH216 Week 2 Discussion

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Week 2 Discussion

Employers often require new coders to take an industry basic coding exam to become certified. The objective of the exam is to assess understanding of basic coding guidelines and concepts. 

Discuss in detail your plans to become certified; including type of exam, proposed exam date, payment plan (or if your current employer is paying/reimbursing for exam costs), proposed daily study time leading up to the exam date, study materials you will use, etc. 

If you completed GU’s Certificate of Learning in Medical Coding and Billing before completing your degree and are already CCA (or other entry level coding exam) certified,  post a helpful paragraph for your peers on tips for study materials to use,  study time, taking the exam, a payment plan, etc.

Grantham University’s AAS, MCB degree prepares you to take the initial CCA (Certified Coding Associate) exam available through  Access the site toassist you in completing your post.  You may also access to acquaint yourself with their coding exam certifications as well.

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