In response, the vice president of admissions submitted the following summary proposal

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The chancellor of a local private university is looking for ways to increase enrollment at his University and circulated a request for proposal to that effect.  In response, the vice president of admissions submitted the following summary proposal.

She wishes to enter into a memorandum of understanding with four Universities in United Kingdom as part of exchange program. She promises that their earned credits from their Universities will count towards graduation at her University. The University will guarantee their graduation on time if they take and successfully pass courses being offered in her university’s various programs.

She proposes that the action will earn the university minimum of five hundred thousand ($500,000.00) dollars per year for the next (3) three years, a fifty (50%) percent return. However, the university must invest +#1,000,000.00 pounds starlings initially, which it does not have at hand. The exchange rate is +#.89 per $1.00. The accounting department of the university believe that the $500,000.00 annual revenue is possible. The finance department analysis indicates that the university can raise the needed one million (+#1,000,000.00) pounds one time investment at a cost of 12 percent annual rate

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