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Throughout the second half of
the class, we will work toward the composition of a single major analytical research
paper. We will move through a guided research process made up of a series of
graded assignments related to the conception, research, organization, and
composition of what will become an interpretively significant and well-informed
literary analysis.  While the topic
and texts that you select are at your discretion and you are encouraged to
explore issues you find interesting, you should strive to write on matters that
would not be immediately apparent to casual readers and about subjects with
relatively broad interpretive consequences. Ultimately, your thesis should aim
not only to make a compelling argument about the texts but also to show readers
why your argument matters.

our formal concern with short fiction, there are two primary strategies for
approaching the assignment:

Confine your analysis to a single collection of stories (e.g., In Our Time, The Thing Around Your Neck) and consider the subjects, themes,
images, and arguments that are developed across multiple works therein.

Confine your analysis to a single subject, theme, image or argument, (e.g.,
motherhood, ghosts and the supernatural, colonialism) and consider how multiple
authors treat this theme throughout a number of works.

While you should consult a wide
variety of materials while researching your topic, you are required to draw
from (and cite) at least four (4) outside sources (not including the literary texts
themselves). More importantly, the sources you include must serve a concrete
purpose in helping you to advance your argument. Your research should not be
undertaken merely to satisfy the minimum requirements of the assignment;
instead you must consider the information that will most effectively back up
your claims and assertions. Sources may include (but are not limited to)
primary historical documents, historical analysis, literary criticism, works of
social science, philosophy, and/or critical theory.

the topic is about ( Friendship) from the book The things they carried on

please follow the instruction provided carefully and i will upload the book and my previous paper

please add five pages to it

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