Improving Residential Energy Efficiency science assignment help

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Here are the assignment instructions:

Research: Improving Residential Energy Efficiency

Now it’s your turn to do some research. Find out some ways that you can improve residential energy efficiency.The U.S. Department of Energy website you visited earlier has lots of good ideas, or you can do a web search with keywords “household energy conservation” or “residential energy efficiency.”

Write a report, create a brochure, or write a newspaper article on your findings. In your assignment, include a discussion of at least 4 of the following items and how they relate to improving energy efficiency at home.

  1. Heating and cooling appliances
  2. Landscaping
  3. Light bulbs
  4. Standby energy
  5. Energy Star appliances
  6. Weather strips
  7. Caulking
  8. Insulation

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