Importance of SBIRT

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SOWK 7328 WEEK 6


Screening, Brief, Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) is an early intervention approach for addressing substance abuse concerns and risks amongst adolescents. The SBIRT assessment tools allow practitioners to work collaboratively with an individual at risk and work to develop an intervention prior to the need of intensified and specialized care.

Reflecting on the literature from previous courses on the SBIRT model, existing literature and aids available in this course on SBIRT, address the following questions:

  • At what age do you believe it’s best for adolescents to undergo the screening process for substance use? Why do you believe this is the best age?
  • If you had to choose one, which is more important: using a tool like CRAFFT to engage youth or allowing them to participate in the intervention process?
  • Of the literature you’ve reviewed (in this course or a previous course), which SBIRT assessment tool has been the most helpful/influential for you and why?
  • 300-350 words
  • In your peer responses, either support or refute your peers’ points of view using examples, evidence and/or experience
  • Peer responds 100-200 words they are separates responds. They are attached.

Assignment 2

SOWK 7321


After having watched the Narrative Approach Family Therapy Video at right, answer/address the following:

Dr. Graham Disque demonstrates externalizing conversation. Notice that it takes some time to even effectively name that which is to be externalized, and that the conversation does not rush to get a problem named, externalized and re-authored.

  • What do you think of his process with the family?
  • What do you think the family is experiencing with him?
  • If this is a Hispanic family, what points of entry might be used to start a re-authoring conversation, to follow an exception, or to reconsider a former identity? 300**350 words


After having watched the Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy Video at right, answer/address the following:

  • Dr. Bitter uses the case of an actual family originally seen by Dr. Frank Dattilio. Are there cognitive distortions that surface in the therapeutic conversation demonstrated in this video? If so, which?
  • When working with Hispanic families, what could you (as a practitioner) do or say to avoid making a culturally biased statement when disputing irrational beliefs about the client’s definition of the problem?
  • 300**350 words

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