importance of database driven websites and its risks computer science assignment help

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an online ecommerce case study and write a report with your views on

the website, case study reflects the goal on the current site. In your

opinion, what would make this website better or how well known is this

site for the product they provide to customers. Use search engines and

find out if there are any breaches or vulnerabilities in the past.


  1. Technologies that support websites, pros and cons
  2. Technologies that support databases, pros and cons
  3. Criticality of the interface, examples of best sites
  4. Appropriately classifying websites – Static vs Transactional
  5. Importance of classifying and risk of incorrectly classifying
  6. Weakness in UI, examples
  7. Weakness in code that supports the UI
  8. Weakness in database methodology – connection, install, design
  9. Web privacy
  10. Waterfall SDLC vs Agile SDLC

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