Impact of positive actions/deviace on society.

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The purpose of this Reflect and Research Essay Discussion is to look at the impact of positive actions/deviace on society.


  • Read the Power of Positive Deviance article.
  • How are positive actions affecting rural communities discussed, using the article as a source?
  • How does positive deviance impact society as a whole versus negative deviance?
  • Research and provide at least two other examples of positive deviance in your community or in recent history (last 20 years) and explain each example in detail (you must cite sources)
  • Go into your own community and perform an act of positive deviance (hold a door open throughout a period of time, help people load groceries in their car randomly, bring a meal to a homeless individual or buy them a cup of coffee, sit with a stranger and introduce yourself and ask them about their day, volunteer your time etc.).
  • Discuss reactions to your positive deviance by others.
  • Share how you felt being positive in your community.
  • Be sure this is no less that 5-6 paragraphs of 5-6 sentences minimum each paragraph with researched references used provided at the end of the paragraph.

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