IMC Campaign – Measuring Return on Marketing Investment

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If consumers have a different perception of a brand or product than a company desires, what might be the results post-purchase? Describe a situation in which you felt cognitive dissonance. Did the company attempt to improve your perceptions?

Media planning in an IMC context does more than just deliver target messages: media also involve, engage, and connect consumers to the brand and to one another. Media planning involves using media as planners have done for years — by employing all different types of traditional media, a practice identified as multichannel or multimedia.When IMC planners think about media, they think about message delivery systems, and that includes all of the media used in all the various marketing communication functions.

Advertising is one of the hardest business functions for which to determine a return on marketing investment (ROMI). Search the Library (located in Academic Tools under Course Resources) for an article about measuring return on marketing investment to help provide information for the following Discussion items.

1. What do you believe is the primary purpose of an IMC campaign?

2. What is the best way to monitor ROMI using an IMC campaign?

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