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Uncle Sam Wants YOU Poster

Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8hBfV0vzrg

Classmate One Artifact—(Uncle Sam Wants YOU Poster)

The universal idea of the “Uncle Sam Wants You” poster is to encourage young people to join the military services and dedicate their life to protecting and serving the country. Was it for the goodness of the country? According to Laura Wise, Samuel Wilson ran a meat-packing and distribution business, and was known locally in his Massachusetts town as “Uncle” Sam. During the war of 1812, he supplied meat to the U.S. Army. The boxes were stamped with “U.S.” for United States, which the soldiers joked meant “Uncle Sam for the man who was supplying their food. Uncle Sam became a symbol of how a lone patriot could help his country in a time of crisis. In terms of studying the artifact in terms of the culture and content, the poster represents a symbol of our paltry government and unconventional country. He illustrates that any culture can join and dedicate their selves in protecting this country. You have a duty to protect and serve your country. The creator intention of creating the artifact to instill and show Americans to help out in the efforts of the war. It also shows that all Americans can get together to make a sacrifice for their country and show patriotism.

Seven Wonders of the World

Website: https://www.travelchannel.com/interests/outdoors-and-adventure/articles/seven-wonders-of-the-world

Classmate Two Artifact—(Seven Wonders of the World)

I think each wonder could represent its own specific idea. As a broad notion involving all of them, the idea could boil down to the creating of something beautiful, typically in representation of power, love, or worship. The pyramid was a tomb displaying the importance and power of the pharaoh. The tomb of Maussollos and the Gardens were both meant for loved ones, and the Temple and and statue of Zeus were places meant for worship, among other things. Each wonder was made in a different time, most away from each other meaning that each was surrounded by its own specific culture to influence the ideals behind the making of them all. I believe that the creators of these wonders intended for them to be lasting beacons of their ideals, but they became more over the many years since their construction and even after all but one were destroyed. The only one still standing still attracts interest and intrigue and the want to know more about it’s history and meaning. If the others were still standing, I believe this would be the same for them all.

1.)Assuming the reasons given by your classmates were in fact the creator’s intention, describe how this knowledge changed your view, feelings, or opinion of the culture in which the artifact was created?

2.)How do you think the artifact potentially impacted the values of society after it was released to the public?

3.)Discuss how your own individual assumptions, beliefs, and values might shape your impression of the artifact?

Note: Use the three questions above to respond to classmate one and two in (1) paragraph each. Meaning (1) paragraph for classmate one and (1) paragraph for classmate two.

The American flag

1.) How might the American flag and the person who created it have impacted each other? For instance, how might the geographic location where the American flag was made, the materials used to create the American flag, the medium of the creative process, or the environment where the artifact is displayed influenced the creator’s life or future creative work? How might the American flag and the culture or context in which it was created have impacted each other? For instance, does the American flag add to the understanding of the culture from which it was created? What contributions does it make to continuing on a dialogue about that culture and the importance of its artifacts?

2.) Create questions you have after thinking deeply about the American flag. What more do you want to know regarding:

A. The relationship between human culture and expression

B. Your personal assumptions about artifacts of this sort and why they exist

C. How your values have shaped and are shaped by your expression and that of others

D. The relationship between the possible intent of the creator and your own interpretation of its meaning

3.) Speculate on how you would go about answering the above questions (A-D)? For instance, what sorts of things would you study about the American flag and the contexts that might begin addressing questions (A-D)?


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