ii apple s quot stand to protect security quot over and against the wishes of law enforcement in the aftermath of the december 2015 san bernardino terrorist attack

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Use 12-point font, double space pages, and cite all quotations and sources according to MLA APA, or Chicago style. Papers without footnotes/endnotes or a list of works cited will be returned without a grade. And remember to read your paper out loud to yourself Don’t write just as you speak, but be sure that you would be willing to say out loud what you write

1) We have discussed several cases over the last two weeks against the background of Albert Carr’s article “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?” Those cases include Cicero’s “The Famine at Rhodes,” Apple’s “search for a moral high ground in a heated debate,” and finally the companys decision to close [an] iPhone security hole that law enforcement uses to crack devices.”

Apple’s “stand to protect security”over and against the wishes of law enforcement in the aftermath of the December 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack; https://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/technology/appl…

The paper has four parts. (It might be easiest for you to insert section breaks: for example, three asterisks between each section, or headings like “Part 1.”)

First, briefly summarize the case.That is, explain either what has to be decided (in Cicero’s “The Famine at Rhodes”) or the decision that was made already (in the two other cases). Assume that your readers do not know the case in question Attached

Second, write a commentary from the perspective of Albert Carr. In other words, be him What would he say about the case in question, and why? Explain and apply his argument in “Is Business Bluffing Ethical?” But write in the first person as Carr. (So when he refers to his article, write, for example, “As I have claimed….” Quote him; then give the citation.) Attached

Third, write a commentary from the perspective of a critic of Carr’s article,whether you agree with it or not. Disagree here with Carr’s basic argument course reasons for your disagreement. Draw from and cite his article , not just its application, giving of

Finally, discuss the case from your own perspective. How do you come down and why? Be ure to anticipate and counter objections to your position. Respond both to Carr and to the critic you have imagined


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