identifying market opportunities for the organisation’s products /services

This assessment requires you to develop the remaining sections of a comprehensive international business plan for your selected organisation in the new Asian country target market. The final document should include a summary of your findings from Assessments 2 revised as necessary.

The aim is to do further research and analysis to recommend a market entry strategy that will enable the organisation to achieve its objectives in the new market. This includes:

  • identifying market opportunities for the organisation’s products /services
  • recommendations, if any, regarding product/service modification or adaptations required for market success
  • market entry strategy options and recommendation for a preferred option
  • marketing and R&D considerations
  • recommendations regarding production
  • international human resources management (HRM) issues and considerations

The assignment should be a maximum of 3000 words. It is strongly recommended to use headings/sub-headings to highlight changes in topic.

A suggested report structure is

  • Executive Summary (a 2 page (maximum) summary of key findings, strategies and outcomes).
  • Introduction to the report.
  • Brief background to company and selected international country: ie brief, approx 2 page synopsis of Assessment 2
  • Conclusions of SWOT analysis i.e., from Assessment 2
  • Additional analysis reflecting your further country analysis (if any)
  • Competitive strategy analysis (product/service)
  • Market entry option analysis and preferred option recommendation
  • Marketing and R&D considerations (including competitive strategy)
  • Recommendations regarding production
  • International HRM issues and considerations
  • Conclusions
  • References

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