identify the level of need for each case

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Identify the level of need for each case. Then tell me what intervention strategies you would suggest. Would you focus on strengths or problems? Be academic. Do not use any reference, only in your words.

1. Marie

  • retired on fixed income, living in the mobile home park, owns her trailer
  • daughter incarcerated and she and her husband became guardian for 4 grandchildren
  • she has trouble managing the kids, especially the older boys, and one of them became involved in the criminal justice system

2. Dorothy

  • stay at home mom with 4 young children (one an infant)
  • husband works long hours to support the family
  • Dorothy is struggling with boredom and is unhappy in her relationship with her husband

3. Amy

  • evicted from mobile home park, she has been moving from couch to couch, staying with whoever would have her
  • she has no income and is unable to work due to her mental illness

4. Mary

  • Lives with spouse in a mobile home park on a busy highway
  • They have a income, but rely on the food pantry and other assistance to keep all of the bills paid and food on the table
  • Two year old was found alone, by a neighbor, wandering in the mobile home park
  • Family reported to Children’s Services

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