Identify and summarize the main thrust of Crockett’s satirical piece

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Due Date 3/30/14 by 11:55pm pacific time

CHAPTER 10 Assignments/Activities

ATTENTION:  Answer the following questions for assignments listed in a Word document and submit them through the assignment Drop Box.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES (IA): 10 Points.A. 1-4 (5), C.1-2 (5)

PARAGRAPH RESPONSES (PR): 25 Points. B.(15), D(10). (See syllabus for clarification on the above if needed).

  1. From Then To Now, p. 266.  “Speculative Bubbles and Economic Busts.”
  1. According to the article, in the 1830’s and also the early 21st century what two entities played a significant role in encouraging reckless expansion?
  2. List three activities that these groups engaged in that contributed to financial collapse.
  3. What possibility for assistance was not available to ease the Panic of 1837?
  4. According to the article, what question remains the same in the recent Great Recession and the Panic of 1837 in terms of how debtors are paid?
  1. This chapter begins with the heading, The Egalitarian Impulse, p. 251-259.  Our text explains the connection between political reform of the era and religious evangelicalism. “The same egalitarian impulse drove these twin democratic revolutions, and both represented an empowerment of the common man.” Examples of religious reform are discussed as well as depicted in the painting on p. 254. This was an age of  political reform and this section discusses this as well as giving a graphic portrayal such as the painting on p 249. (Helpful hint-always read the text describing the painting, graph, etc.)After you have studied these materials,   select two examples of political reform and two examples of religious change and compare them in a paragraph for each.   In a third paragraph discuss the limitations, or contradictions to such reforms which are developed in our text as well see p.253, 255.. Use quotes from the text and also reference the paintings as a way of emphasizing your position.
  1. Chapter Resources.eRes.  “Davy Crocket, Advice to Politicians, 1833”.   Answer the questions 1-3:  
    1. Identify and summarize the main thrust of Crockett’s satirical piece.
    2. What common stereotypes of politicians does Crockett target?  

  1. Review the text pp 259-263, Table for Mortality Figures, p. 260, .Map 10-3 p. 262. Also review the painting p. 259 depicting the Trail of Tears—don’t forget to read the captions. (Interested students can Google Trail of Tears Images and see a clearer version of this painting by Robert Lindneux as well as some other dramatic images.) Considering these sources, write a well-developed paragraph summarizing your version of the information regarding U.S. Indian policy at this time.

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