Identify an important presentation coming up at work in your near future.

For this assignment you will apply the practices of planning, creating, and delivering an impact professional presentation. Identify an important presentation coming up at work in your near future. The topic is “ Due to the state of the nation, The company is  going to a telework atmosphere versus the normal all employee being present in actual work building and reporting daily to employees working from home 3 days a week and employees will be in the offices two days a week.   This will be a power point presentation with notes at a company wide meeting and few key decision-makers in the  company. Think carefully about how to define the major objectives of your presentation, so that you can design and deliver your presentation with those objectives clearly in mind. How will you present this to management. NOTE: since the temporary work from home schedule production has increased by 5%.

Instructions Follow the steps below to prepare your slide deck. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation slide deck of 20 slides or less for a topic of your choice, related to your workplace or career interests. 2. Apply slide design best practices: use brief slide headings and minimal text, include images and/or charts, and format your slides professionally. The main focus is you, the speaker, with the slides providing support for your ideas and overall message.

Slide deck is clear and well structured, using design best practices. It serves as an effective visual aid to support the presenter’s objectives. If research was completed, a References slide is included at the end.

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