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Must have access to the following book: 

Heider, Karl G. (2007) Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology Through Film


Film Review  “Hollywood-Style Anthropology”
chapter in Heider, K. et al, Seeing Anthropology includes a recommended
Hollywood-Style movie which explores chapter themes and concepts.  Your
assignment is to select and view one Hollywood-Style movie listed in
Seeing Anthropology and write a review of about 700 words—aim to meet
the target word limit.  Your review must examine how the movie explores
themes presented in the chapter.  Your written review must make use of
the concept of culture and applicable key concepts listed for the
chapter related to the film you selected for this assignment.

example, in Chapter six concerning patters of production the
recommended Hollywood-Style film is The Milagro Beanfield War discussed
on pages 198-199.  The discussion includes setup questions to guide
review of this film.  On page 200 there is a list of key terms
(concepts) that apply to this review.  If you select this film, your
review must include topics and key terms presented in Chapter six.

by reading the setup questions related to the film you selected. Watch
the film and taking notes with a view to developing an anthropological
review.  Review the chapter and the related key terms.  Think about how
the key terms apply to an anthropological review and perspective on the


In Chapter 10 Power and
Politics in Seeing Anthropology we learn about local political
organizations and examine power, authority, resistance, and conflict
resolution across cultures.

Discuss a conflict and solution
presented in one of the earlier chapter film clips in the light of
lessons and concepts imparted in Chapter 10.  Your discussion should be
about 300 words in length.  Direct attention to the social groups in the
conflict, persons who have authority to address conflict, rules and, if
applicable, rituals applied to mediate the dispute according to the
local cultural norms, values, and expectations. Briefly comment on the
qualities and identity of leaders who have authority to address conflict
among the group represented in the film clip you selected for this
assignment.  Effective responses will direct attention to symbols
encoded in actions articulated in defining and resolving conflicts.


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