I need a 5 page rhetorical essay

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examine the arguments by David Suzuki, Marion Nestle, Sandra Steingraber, and “Chief Seattle’s Speech,” all dealing with the relationship between humans and nature. You will analyze the various ways these authors make their arguments, and explore how the arguments extend, modify, illustrate or challenge one another.

Readings: “Rediscovering Our Place in Nature” by David Suzuki

The farm bill drove me insane” by Marion Nestle

Tune of the Tuna Fish” by Sandra Steingraber

Assignment Structure


  1. Capture the audience and lead into the topic.
  2. Give a clear indication of how the paper will proceed (metadiscourse).

Body (for each text)

  1. Describe accurately the project and argument. Locate claims and sub-claims and how they are supported.
  2. Describe the rhetorical strategies used to support the argument. Provide interpretation and analysis of how these strategies work, particularly how they contribute to the author’s ethos, logos, and pathos appeal. Explain why the author chose these strategies, considering purpose and audience.
  3. Discuss assumptions made and any possible fallacies.
  4. Support your analysis with sufficient and fitting textual evidence in form of quotes or paraphrases.
  5. Link the discussion of the four texts by elaborating on the way they extend, challenge, modify, or illustrate each other.


  1. What is the significance of the discussion? Why does it matter?
  2. Develop a synthesis.
  3. End by linking back to the intro.

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