Hydration And Oral Care, Elimination.

Students are required to post a minimum of three times per week (1 main post answering the question 100% before Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST and 2 peer responses by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST). The three posts in each individual discussion must be on separate days (same day postings / replies will not be accepted).

Chapter 11 – Hydration and Oral Care.

Chapter 12 – Elimination.


Choose a condition, disease, disorder affecting the elderly discussed in chapter 11 and 12 of your textbook.

1. Discuss signs and symptoms of the chosen condition, disease, disorder.

2. Explain possible treatments.

Guidelines: The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, no just your opinion.

Grading Criteria: Student mentioned a condition, disease, disorder discussed in chapter 11 or 12 of the textbook (25%). Student mentioned at least 3 signs and symptoms of the chosen condition, disease, disorder (45%). Student explained possible treatment(s) of the chosen condition, disease, disorder (30%).

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