Human development

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Respond to fifteen of the following learning objectives chapter 1. You should have a total of fifteen responses for this homework assignment.

  1. Describe the three stages of the birth process.
  2. Explain both how and why contractions occur during the stages of labor.
  3. Discuss why there are cultural variations in assists with the birth.
  4. Summarize the differences in maternal mortality both within and between developed countries and developing countries.
  5. Summarize the differences in neonatal mortality both within and between developed countries and developing countries.
  6. Identify the neonatal classifications for low birth weight and describe the consequences of low birth weight and major treatments available.
  7. What are the major risks factors for a low birth weight neonate? What can be done to decrease the amounts of neonates born with a low birth weight?
  8. In the United States which demographic groups is most at risk for delivering low birth weight babies? Discuss why these groups may be most at risk.
  9. What is a cesarean section? What are the different reasons that a woman may experience a cesarean sections as opposed to vaginal delivery?
  10. Discuss how labor and delivery pain was dealt with in the 18th and 19th century in America. How is labor and delivery pain is dealt with today?
  11. Describe neonates’ patterns of waking and sleeping, including how and why these patterns differ across cultures.
  12. Describe differences in co-sleeping habits across various cultures and ethnicity and why these differences may exist.
  13. Describe the neonate’s sensory abilities with respect to touch, taste and smell, hearing, and sight.
  14. Explain the differences between types of infant cries.
  15. Discuss the different ways that crying and soothing is handled.
  16. Discuss five reflexes evident in neonates and explain why these reflexes might exist.
  17. Identify the advantages of breast-feeding and where or when those advantages are most evident.
  18. Discuss Lorenz’s theory of imprinting and the implications it had for mother-child bonding.
  19. Describe the reasons for postpartum depression and its consequences for children.
  20. Discuss differences between maternal and paternal postpartum depression.

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