huckfinn amp realism

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I am creating a webquest/wall and I need to gather all kinds of information on Realism and Naturalism.

I need the following information detailed.

  1. Realism. What is it? When was it?
  2. What did Realism emerge from?
  3. I need 5 Pictures of Realism art
  4. I need the names of 5 Realist authors and their pictures
  5. A very brief Huckleberry Finn summary
  6. What were the Huckleberry Finn themes
  7. Huckleberry Finn literary devices: what was the Narrator point of view? What is the tone? What was the author’s purpose? What was the dialect? What were the symbolism in the book?

Once you have all the information, you can put it on a word doc and I can paste it on my webquest/wall that I have made.

Thank you in advance!!

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