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According to Huber (2014), “Within organizations, the power of connections comes from networking or knowing people and from being able to go across lines laterally to gather information” (pg. 264). Personal affiliations and networking can be, at times, seen as negative. In this case, its usage can really help to accelerate as nurse’s career especially as a nursing leader (ANA Career Center Staff, 2015).

In nursing, as well as in any business, it appears to be about who you know. By maintaining a strong stream of professional and personal references a nurse is in fact a vital aspect in maintaining their career (ANA Career Center Staff, 2015). The ANA suggests for novice nurses to start local by networking at conferences, conventions, meetings, shared governance committees, etc.

Schmidt (2016), in his online blog, shares the same viewpoints as the ANA regarding the benefits networking can have on advancing a nurse’s career. He goes on to explain that in addition to career advancement that there are additional benefits and are as follows:

“Professional networking is the best way for nurses to find jobs…Professional networking for nursing trends and advancements (sharing and gaining knowledge) … Professional networks provide nurses with professional support…Professional networking can help nurses influence healthcare systems” (Schmidt, 2016).

Personally, I have already seen the benefits that networking can have in my practice. By becoming our units “pain champion” with the main responsibility of monitoring this specific NSI and how it can be approved I was able to meet and be recruited to be a member of our organizations pain resource nurse committee. Through that I was able to then meet a fellow nurse and the committee’s leader and get their support and assistance with a practice change I implemented on my unit. Without their backing, I strongly feel that what I was trying to accomplish would have been brushed under the rug. Since the implementation of my change, my unit has seen a vast improvement in our pain scores on the patient satisfaction surveys. I will continue to grow my affiliations with the hopes of growing in my practice and bettering patient outcomes. One way I attempt to do this is by continuing to be outgoing, assertive, and social.

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