HS 311 PUG Epidemiology and Biostatistics Frequency Distribution Report

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Unit 2 Assignment: Creating a Frequency Distribution from Collected Data

Audio/visual Assignment Introduction

To see the grading rubric, go to Course Resources / Grading Rubrics

Unit outcomes:

  • Identify and apply common types of variables and measurement scales.
  • Create and examine a frequency distribution.

Course outcome:

HS311-2: Research the types of data and organization of data within the health industry.

In your own words, briefly describe the purpose and utility of a frequency distribution. Then create a frequency distribution using the Unit 2 data in Course Documents. Create separate tables for the men, women, and combined (for a total of three tables). In a minimum of 250 words, identify the data type you worked with and justify how you determined the number of classes and class width. Also discuss what information you can gather from the distribution and identify any differences between the men and the women and how they compare to the entire group. This assignment should be submitted as a Word document.


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