HRA 498 Saint Leo week 4

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Need a powerpoint on the united health group case study.

Your output should be a
presentation detailing your plan of action to respond to your supervisor. Your
presentation should be no more than 10 minutes. Presentations should include
your narration and a visual aide (PowerPoint, Prezi, Emaze, Microsoft Sway,
Microsoft Mix, and/or a detailed outline are acceptable).

United Health Group
decided to modify hiring procedures within the organization by splitting job
candidates into two groups. One group is high-level professionals who are
recruited by internal staffing specialists, while the second group is staff and
line employees who are acquired through outsourced recruitment. This
“two-pronged” strategy enables the company to save money through increased
control and efficiency.

Your work will be
graded on content, critical thinking, clarity, creativity, and correctness (see
the Professional Simulation Grading Rubricfor more

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