How will better communication between law enforcement and members of the urban community affect police targeting?

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Literature Review Revision—100 points


Using the literature review you submitted for Part 1 of this assignment, revise according to

the remarks provided for you on the rubric and throughout the text of the document.

Closely follow the criteria as described on the rubric, and as follows.


It should be between 6-8 pages, or more (


the title page and references



should not

be a recitation of your sources.

It should be a synthesis of available research on your topic, and an analysis of how

your research will build on that which has already been researched.

It should use 10 sources to shed relevant light on your research objective/claim.

It should include at least one research question and/or one hypothesis.


How well literature review addresses research objective/claim

Number/quality of sources (minimum of 10 academic sources).

How well sources cover topic area.

How well literature review provides a synthesis of information.

Formatting/page length/overall organization.

Writing style/grammar/spelling/professionalism of paper.

APA style in-text and in reference section.

Paraphrasing according to VeriCite

How well feedback has been taken into account for improvement


Your literature review revision MUST be submitted to “VeriCite” by the

deadline as posted on Canvas. If you do not submit your assignment to “VeriCite”, your

paper will not be graded and you will receive a “zero” grade.

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