How to End Ageism

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Then, watch Ashton Applewhite’s TEDTalk titled “Let’s End Ageism”

Reply to this post with the answers to the questions below.

  1. What is your initial reaction to this video? Does Applewhite’s talk reframe the discussion of ageism? What, specifically, from her talk, makes you think differently, either about ageism in general or your preconceived notions about the ills of aging.
  2. How does Applewhite’s discussion of the ‘problem’ of aging relate to the problems associated with class, race, gender, and sexuality as discussed in this class? Does the ‘problem’ with each of these concepts operate at the individual level or the institutional level, according to Applewhite’s presentation of the problem?
  3. Which one of the three sociological frameworks (conflict, structural functionalism or symbolic interactionism) do you think Applewhite is operating from? Why? Be specific and thorough in your response.
  4. Answer needs to be separated by 3 orders, 1 paragraph for each.

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