How local, state and national laws are created, health and medicine homework help

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2Instructions Create a  visual  depiction using  any  tool  you wish  (graphs,  charts,  figures,  pictures  or  PowerPoint)  to explain  the process  of  how  ideas  become  regulations  and rules  and  how  rules  and  regulations become policy  and laws  on the local,  state,  and  national  levels  for  the nursing  home industry. Research  the  path of  how  local,  state,  and  national  rules,  regulations  and  laws  are created and include  the knowledge  you  find from  this  research into  the visual  depiction  you  create.  The  depiction should be  concise and  easy  to understand.  For  example,  no  more  than  five  PowerPoint  slides  if PowerPoint  is  used  or  no more than 2  pages  of  graphs,  charts,  figures  or  pictures  if  that  option  is used.  Requirements •  Writer  visually  depicts  a  clear  and  easy  to  understand  path  of  how  ideas  become  healthcare  policy  on a  local,  state  and  national  level. •  Writer  visually  depicts  how  individuals  or  groups  can  impact  this  process  and their  role  in  the process. • Writer visually depicts how the process impacts the nursing home industry. Please  be sure to download  the  file  “Writing  Center  Resources”  from  Doc  Sharing  to  assist  you  with meeting APA  expectations  for  written Assignments. 

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