How does murder relate to Marquis’ argument?

  1. How does murder relate to Marquis’ argument?

A.Marquis argues that abortion is murder, and therefore abortion is wrong.

B.Marquis argues that murder is sometimes justified, and therefore abortion is sometimes justified.

C.Marquis argues that what makes murder wrong is hardly ever present in an abortion, and therefore abortion is hardly ever wrong.

D.Marquis argues that what makes murder wrong is also present in (most) abortions, and therefore (most) abortions are wrong.

2.What assumption does Marquis make, for the purposes of his paper?

A.The fetus is a person

B.Murdering an innocent person is wrong

C.Murdering a guilty person is justified

D.The fetus is a moral patient

3.Marquis argues that the wrongness of the deprivation of a future of value also explains which of the following?

A.Why terminal illness is a tragedy.

B.Why killing infants is wrong.

C.Why killing a wide range of non-human creatures is wrong.

D.All of these choices.

4.Why does Marquis think the ‘Discontinuation Account’ fails to explain the wrongness of murder?

A.Most people think passive euthanasia (the withdrawing of medical treatment to the terminally ill) is NOT morally wrong, but the Discontinuation account say it is wrong.

B.The discontinuation of life is natural, and thus cannot be a moral wrong.

C.The discontinuation account implies killing the severely depressed is acceptable, when it is clearly not.

D.None of these choices.

5.Under Marquis’ account, why ISN’T contraception wrong?

A.Egg/Sperm do NOT have a future of value.

B.Contraception is not the same thing as murder.

C.Contraception is a matter of choice.

D.Prior to conception, there is no identifiable entity that is the proper bearer of a ‘future of value.’

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