How does a sense of urgency motivate employees?

Module 1: Discussion Forum (Min 350 words)

Read the following article: (attached)

  • Kotter, J. (2009).Lighting a fire under them (Links to an external site.). Inc, 31(7), 86..

In this interview, Kotter discusses the sense of urgency that is required of leaders when there is an economic recession. Reflect on the issues of complacency and urgency among businesses, as explained by Kotterstrong.

For this discussion, write a response to the following questions. Support your response with material from the required reading as well as at least one outside peer-reviewed journal article.

  • How does a sense of urgency motivate employees?
  • Does a sense of urgency with regard to implementing organizational change differ in times of recession, during natural disasters, or in the face of global competition?
  • Is a sense of urgency in strategic planning the norm in business today? Explain.
  • How do leaders motivate employees to remain inspired during an economic down turn?

Remember that critical thinking is not just your opinion; rather, it is a claim that provides evidence that helps you prove an argument. Therefore, you must support your statements with reliable outside sources.

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