How does a poem deal with female body image differently than “The Fat Girl”?, essay help

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Select one of the poems assigned this semester and one other assigned text, either a poem or a short story, that has a similar theme, use of language, or form. Your job for this assignment is to consider what we can learn about each of these texts by looking at them side-by-side.

Write an essay of 4-5 pages that compares the two.

Remember, every comparison needs to have a purpose. It is not enough to compare and apple and an orange. You need to have a reason for the comparison. You would be interested in different qualities of each depending on whether you were going to eat the fruit or arrange it artistically in a bowl somewhere.

This is a classic compare and contrast essay, much like an assignment you might have done in EGL 1010. To do a compare and contrast, you must come up with criteria for the comparison. Whatever you discuss for one text, you must also discuss for the other.

Examples and ideas:

  • How does a poem deal with female body image differently than “The Fat Girl”?
  • How do two poems deal with the same theme? Or use of a type of imagery? (i.e., images of nature or death or love)
  • How does a poem we’ve read use the same type of imagery as a story? What is the effect in the different genres?

You must demonstrate:

  • A clear understanding of the meaning of each individual text
  • A clear purpose for comparing the two

Your essay must include:

  • A clear, argumentative thesis that presents your argument
  • Focused, unified paragraphs that contain no more than 1 idea and are controlled by strong topic sentences.
  • A logical organizational structure that leads the reader through the argument you are making.
  • Direct quotes from the text itself to support your claims.

Your essay should not:

  • Spend unnecessary time on summary. Assume that your reader has read the story.
  • Use Wikipedia, SparkNotes, or any other internet source to come up with or craft your argument.
  • Use outside sources without carefully citing them.
  • Use words or ideas that belong to others without citing them in correct MLA format.

Essays must be submitted in a MS Word file.

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