How can the culture of an organization contribute to overall employee satisfaction?

Part 1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

How can the culture of an organization contribute to overall employee satisfaction? What elements contribute to the overall culture of an organization?

Part 2. Reply to the following discussion in a minimum of 100 words:

People are taught from the earliest of ages to center their lives around structure and schedules. Most of us are not taught to accept change as a way of life. We have changes all throughout our lives beginning very early in our lives. We are taught that change can be bad in a lot of situations. Job changes, house moves, relocations, etc. People can see change as something that could potentially be harmful. When we become adults, we can see changes as potentially life altering. Adults get very comfortable in our day to day lives and don’t see change that often. We accept the changes we look for, meaning marriage, children, buying homes, voluntarily changing jobs. These are all examples are changes we make for ourselves. When we have changes thrust upon our already comfortable lives, we look at the changes as potentially hazardous to our well-being. A new child in already established household could mean the difference in saving for other children’s tuition and buying a bigger, more accommodating house. A job change could mean the company is looking to start making cutbacks and you could potentially lose your job. The thought of having our lives uprooted because of changes out of our control is what makes the fear of change very real and terrifying to a lot of people. – Jason H.

Part 3. Respond to the following post in a minimum of 100 words:

There are many ways that the organization can ensure that their employees are satisfy working for the company. Personal relationship from the manager down to the employee is always a great place to start. Knowing that your CEO knows who you are and what hobbies you like make you feel that they are invested in you. Many individuals need the feeling of self-worth and self-belonging to be happy with their jobs. Another aspect that people look for more than higher pay is, benefits, benefits are very important to everyone. After having good benefits, we want good pay for what we do. Recognition programs help the moral of the workplace too. The organization must have a healthy work environment. We want to come to work and not have to deal with drama and horrible working conditions. Also, the company needs to invest in training to fulfill the employee need to grow. I believe if the organization if fulfilling our Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs, we would be very happy working for that organization. So, there are many ways that an organization can help ensure that their employees are happy to work for them. – Leo R.

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