McDonald’s hamburger 1) Would you describe McDonald’s hamburger “manufacturing” strategy as Make-to-

McDonald’s hamburger 

Would you describe McDonald’s hamburger
“manufacturing” strategy
as Make-to-Order (MTO), Assemble-to-Order

(ATO), or Build-to-Stock (BTS)? 

Explain your answer and elaborate on why they
selected that approach Is the strategy the same for their apple pies?  Explain
why they might have two different strategies and if they create a conflict?
Would the rationale for the strategy change if the organization was Ford Motor
Company? Explain

2) Compare and contrast the advantages of
“manufacturing” strategies to the quality concepts introduced through

Why are some industries, such as not-for-profits or those that utilize
mass customization, limited to certain operational strategies and quality
approaches? Is it determined more by the industry or the organization’s
competitive advantage? Explain

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