There are two computer classes and two practical classes that need to be completed…. 1 answer below »

Task There are two computer classes and two practical classes that need to be completed. Results arising from the computer and practical classes will be used to write your report.

The basic format of the research report will be as follows:

— Introduction (this should be concise and probably no more than 400 words). The introduction places the experiments in context, drawing on published studies. The rationale for the experiments is described in the hypothesis which is followed by the aims of the experiments. The introduction concludes with a summary of key findings and outcomes of the experiments. Methods. A very brief summary of key methods (MSRE assay, cDNA synthesis and quantitative real-time PCR, ligation-mediated PCR for preparing Nanopore sequencing libraries) — Results: Figures have figure legends that are placed under each figure. The figure legend does not interpret the figure, but provides information that allows the reader to understand the content of the figure. A figure legend has a brief descriptive title. Tables do not have legends but are identified by a number and a title that is placed above the table. The figures and tables are accompanied by a text that provides a narrative that links the results into a cohesive story. The narrative identifies important findings, but does not interpret the significance of the results. — Discussion: The discussion will begin with a summary of key findings and will then discuss significance of the results in the context of the published literature

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