I need tables and suggestions on how to save the organization $500,000?

I need tables and suggestions on how to save the organization $500,000?

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T h e E l e c t r o n i c ® Hallway Case Teaching Resources FROM THE EVANS SCHOOL OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Box 353060 · University of Washington · Seattle WA 98195-3060 www.hallway.org BURN-CARE UNIT One of the hospitals of a major multi-unit corporation has a nationally reputable referral Burn Care Program in Augusta, Georgia. The program was established in 1978 with an expansion of O.R. facilities and converting one of the nursing units into a burn care unit with 20 beds. By 1991 the unit was expanded to a 40-bed unit by including an adjacent unit. The program has been highly successful and financially rewarding for the hospital until recently when the managed care contracts have significantly reduced the reimbursement levels. Augusta has experienced a nursing shortage during the last three decades, into the 1990s. The burn care program has always suffered from the nurse staffing problems. To recruit nurses, the hospital offered a Baylor Plan for scheduling nurses on the burn care unit in 1982. The plan consisted of nurses working 12-hour shifts on weekends, thus working 24 hours per weekend and getting paid for 36 hours (because of overtime policy) with full-time benefits. Therefore the nurses who worked on weekends did not work on weekdays. During the week, nurses worked 12-hour shifts for five days (Monday-Friday), thus working 60 hours and getting paid for 70 hours (because of overtime policy) with full-time benefits. Those nurses who worked on weekdays worked for five continuous days and were off the next nine days (two weekends and the following week). This scheduling basically consisted of three groups of nurses. One group worked the first week of a two-week pay period, the second group worked on the weekends, and the third group worked the second week of the pay period. This scheduling allowed nurses to have more…


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