5. Provide a conclusion that evaluates whether the author succeeded…

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You should begin your essay by selecting one of the seven options given to you in class. Then, you should select a theme based on your reading. Once selected, you should choose 7-10 quotes that provided evidence of your theme. Lastly, you will evaluate each quote to distinguish how this particular quote is related to your theme.

While writing this essay, consider the following:

  1. Do not write a book report! Don’t tell the instructor what was said in each part of the essay.
  2. Express an educated opinion. Having read the essay, you are now something of an “expert” on the text (at least for this class). What do you feel was the most significant contribution of the essay? How does the text relate to what you know and have experienced about the subject? Be sure that when you criticize you support your opinions with evidence (usually taken from the text) and not simply with stronger opinions. While most survey-class reviews tend to agree with the author, don’t fear rejecting their argument.
  3. Start the paper with an introduction that clearly relates the author’s thesis, your interpretation of the text, and the conclusions that you intend to make regarding the usefulness of the essay. Don’t get too tricky with dramatic flourish. Sacrifice style for clarity. Remember that a short paper does not allow you much time for embellishments. The introduction should run no more than a single paragraph, and a good writer can condense it to no more than a half of a double-spaced page.
  4. Use topic sentences to introduce your paragraphs. These should briefly indicate to the reader what you intent to say in each paragraph.
  5. Provide a conclusion that evaluates whether the author succeeded or failed in their writing and whether or not you were able to support your thesis.

MLA Citation for this assignment will look as follows:

In the text of your paper: The first gambling Web site appeared in 1995, and online gambling has since become the most lucrative Internet business
(Will 92). Remember:

  • Each essay should have a minimum of five paragraphs, which in essence, would mean it has at minimum five quotes.
  • When you use a one-word theme, you must include YOUR definition of that particular word in your introduction.
  • Every quote should be directly related to your theme.
  • You must have a completed rough draft for the workshop (with handouts) on Friday.

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