Your team should have already identified the problem that you are going to work on from the…

Your team should have already identified the problem that you are going to work on from the

submission of the assignment. Your team can only work on the same problem domain from your

assignment. If you are going to change your problem domain, talk to your unit coordinator first to

seek approval. This should be done at least 4 weeks before the due date of this project. After

which, you will not be allowed to change your problem domain. However, you are allowed to

change the AI techniques used. The advice is not to leave it too late as well.

When creating an intelligent system, you will need to discuss and demonstrate an understanding of

the following in the final project:-

• Why the particular AI techniques are chosen for the problem

• Provide a detail description of the steps in creating the AI systems

• Describe and explain any data pre-processing and post-processing steps. Give

reasons to justify why they are required for the different AI techniques used.

• Explain any parameters available in the AI techniques that you can optimise or trial,

even though if you are accepting the default values. You will need to demonstrate

that you understand them.

• Provide comparison and investigation of the different AI techniques selected to

implement the solutions.

• Why the kind of evaluation method you have chosen is suitable for evaluating your

AI system (including the discussion of why such measurement is used)

• Provide justification from your investigation and comparison results to recommend

the best solution for your problem domain.

• Note that this project does not require you to provide results that are better than those

in the literature or website. However, you need to demonstrate that you understand

every steps and justify them.


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