000ENG/7001ENG Research Methods: Final Assignment…

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4000ENG/7001ENG Research Methods: Final Assignment

this assignment is based on the research paper which covers 60% of my final paper. here i attached my 20% assignment, from this assignment you need to develop my major assignment. minimum i need 90% of mark to get my pass mark. i need to prove my research by “STAISTICAL METHOD”. This is very important assignment for me. the main expectation of my proffoser is that student want to prove their research by “STATISTICAL” way. I ALSO ATTACHED MARKING CRITERIA AND TEMPLATE FOR ASSIGNMENT. YOU SHOULD PREPRE AS SAME AS TEMPLATE.

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4000ENG/7001ENG Research Methods: Final Assignment This is 60% of the marks for the course th Due Date: 4pm, 5 October 2018 Submit to d.thiel@griffith.edu.au as a *.pdf file with your name in the title of the file. Aim: To write a comprehensive research paper with a research plan based on extending the research outlined in the journal paper you have selected at the start of the course. In undertaking this exercise, you must demonstrate the following: • Technical knowledge of the research topic • A review of the previous work in the field (a literature review in which at least 5 references which have been carefully analysed etc) • A research plan including ? a research hypothesis, ? an outline of the planned methods to be used, ? the method of gaining and analysing the data, ? the statistical methods needed to prove your hypothesis, ? follow up research plan ? referenced plots, figures, equations, flow charts, maps, etc. • Appendix A: A time plan/schedule with 5 intermediate milestones with deliverables, the research team needed to implement the plan, A cost estimate covering the salaries, equipment, travel etc. (see Workshop 8) • Adherence to the template and a correctly formatted list of references. You must demonstrate an understanding of the lecture material and the workshops conducted during the course. Obvious inconsistencies with the lecture material will degrade the final score significantly in addition to failure to follow suggestions in the Assignment 1 feedback. Template: The plan must be written using one of the two templates provided (IEEE or ACES). The document should include the relevant equations (correctly formatted and referenced in the main text), the predicted data plots, appropriate statistical methods etc. The number of pages MUST be less than 6 pages in either the IEEE format or the ACES format provided with a maximum of 2 additional pages for Appendix A. The file must be submitted as a *.pdf document…

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