How Australia’s Employment relations actors (state, employers, workers, unions) promote or limit… 1 answer below »

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Overview The different ways in which older workers, that is workers over 50 as defined by COTA, are treated is is a social and economic issue that has received increasing academic, social and economic attention. Some of this attention suggests the Australian ER system may not be optimised when it comes to providing equal and fair outcomes for all workers in the workplace. Submissions to this Inquiriy should not just to look at the system as it is designed, but also the outcomes, in practice, of the system. This Inquiry seeks to fully investigate the causes and consequences for any imbalance in Australia on the basis of age, and whether the state should act in order to improve the situation. Terms of Reference: The Inquiry will consider submissions relating to (you must address all criteria except for criteria 2 sub-criteria iv which is optional). 1) How Australia’s Employment relations actors (state, employers, workers, unions) promote or limit fair treatment of older workers in Australian ER. 2) Changes to the current Employment Relations system to improve the Australian ER system, including changes to i) The Fair Work Act and/or any other Australian Federal Law. ii) The operation of the Fair Work Commission and/or the Fair Work Ombudsman iv) Any other considerations relevant to Australia’s ER system In order to best answer the terms of reference, the Inquiry seeks overseas examples and best practice for the benefit of Australia generally and individuals who work in Australia, and seeks recommendations for state action to improve the situation.


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