Paper instructions: This paper will focus directly on the time following World War I. I hope by the

Paper instructions:

This paper will focus directly on the time following World War I. I hope by the time you complete this assignment you can see the threads of World War II already visible, buried under the rubble of European cities. When we discuss the Treaty of Versailles, and Wilsons bargaining to get it passed by the world community we see the last effort of a dying statesman. For no matter what other poor qualities he carried, and there were quite a few, Wilson was a man that longed for peace. Not just “visualize world peace” on a bumper sticker on the back of his car, this man fought and gave his dying strength to try to make world peace a reality. So where are we for the video?

“Paris, January 20, 1919. The Great War ended two months ago. No peace treaty has been negotiated and a dozen small wars are still raging in Europe. The scale of the war’s destruction is seen in the ever-present maimed, injured and mourning citizens. Ten thousand politicians, diplomats, arms sellers and spies are arriving in Paris for a conference that will forever shape the course of history.” Take some time to consider all the different perspectives that had to be addressed with these talks, then please respond to the following prompts:

1. “Who is John Maynard Keynes, and what was his role at the Conference”?

2. “Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yugoslavia were created in the aftermath of WWI. Discuss the legacy of these new countries. To what degree are the problems in these regions directly related to the principle of self-determination?”

3. “Compare the aspirations of the Big Four at the outset of the conference with what was achieved in the final treaty. The film asserts that Clemenceau comes the closest to achieving his goals. Do you support this assertion? Have each of the Great Powers got what they set out to achieve?”

4. Is the Treaty of Versailles a success or a failure (pick a side and defend)? How has the role of the US changed after the Treaty? **Video link – must watch Please be authentic and use this video as the only source. You may search on other sources to understand more to be able to answer these questions but don’t use it as a source. …….

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